Self-proclaimed „Satoshi Nakamoto“ to pay 10 billion US dollars

The Kleimann heirs‘ lawsuit might not only be interesting because of the extreme amount Craig Wright is supposed to pay. In the course of the proceedings, it could become clear whether the defendant is actually behind the pseudonym „Satoshi Nakamoto“ and was thus involved in the invention of Bitcoin. Wright at least claims that.

Wright wanted to found cryptosoft Bitcoin Bank

Wright previously worked for various cryptosoft companies as a technician and is said to have been instrumental in creating the world’s first online casino, Lasseter’s Online, in 1999. He later wanted to found the world’s first Bitcoin bank, which failed due to Australian tax law in 2014. Read more about it: Wright is also the founder of the crypto company DeMorgan LtD. and the IT security company Panopticrypt Pty Ltd. Earlier, Wright and the programmer Kleimann founded the company W&K Info Defense Research, which was concerned with the development of new applications in the crypto area.

According to the media, most of the money was acquired through joint mining of up to 1.1 million Bitcoin. When the company was taken over by Wright, the plaintiffs said that he had forged important papers. The heirs filed therefore before a court in Florida on 14 February 2018 complaint. The exact value of the object is not known to date. It concerns a sum between 300,000 and 1.1 million Bitcoin, whose whereabouts must be clarified. Wright may also have to pay the heirs compensation for the software created by the joint company.

Australian-born Craig Steven Wright and forensic crypto trader expert Dave Kleimann used to be business partners

Wright is accused by the heirs of stealing 10 billion US dollars from the deceased’s estate in order to enrich himself. He is also accused of stealing intellectual property. The lawsuit is the end of two Bitcoin miners of the first hour and apparently of a long friendship. The two businessmen are said to have exchanged information about the Blockchain crypto trader technology seven months before the appearance of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin White paper. Only 9 days after the world’s first Bitcoin transaction, the two of them carried out their own blockchain transfer. Wright has also claimed that he used Satoshi Nakamoto’s real GPG key to encrypt his emails. He still can’t prove this today.

For the law firm that prepared the lawsuit, it doesn’t matter exactly who was involved in the invention of the Bitcoin and the famous BTC White Paper. Lawyer Velvel Freedman telephoned to say that Bitcoin mining and the resulting profits would be the primary subject of the proceedings. Wright had sent documents to the deceased programmer’s family to prove that he had given him the company. According to the lawsuit, the date of the exhibition was predated and Kleimann’s signature forged for his own benefit.